Innovative software for people with disabilities.

how it works?

EyeFace allows You to take control over Your computer using Your face and eyes just as You would use computer mouse.
All You need is Windows computer with a good quality web camera.
You move cursor with Your face, and make clicks with Your eyes!

Speed and precision

EyeFace is designed with the user in mind. This program allows You to use computer almost as fast as using normal computer mouse. Speed and precision are two adjectives that the best describe EyeFace.

Intuitive interface

EyeFace brings 'always on top' user interface with helpful functions like on-screen keyboard, Internet browser and real-time mouse & eyes states icons. All the settings, like cursor speed and mouse clicks can be customized for the individual user and saved in separate profile, which brings joy of using the program for every user.

Designed for people with disabilities

The EyeFace program is focused around allowing people with disability to use the computer. The key idea of this program is to open a window to the world. Writings emails, chatting, surfing the Internet, programming and many more is all You can do with help of EyeFace.


If you would like to test our applicatnion, the DEMO version is available in "Download & install" tab. You can use it free of charge for 7 days.

Acquisition of licences

If you are interested in buying EyeFace, go to "Buy" tab. By purchasing our software you will receive the lifetime license and our technical support.